Flappy Flying Dutchman is Flappy Birds with the Dutch Football Star

Flappy birds was one of the biggest sensations on the internet recently. The game became so popular that teenagers ended up spending obscene number of hours playing it, resulting in the developer pulling the game away from the store, both on iOS and Android. However, since then the developer has promised to bring the game back sometime in the summer this year. Robin Van Persie, the Manchester United striker who plays for Holland, scored one of the best ever goals at the FIFA World Cup against Spain with a diving header over Iker Casillas. The goal as expected became an internet sensation and chief inspiration for some of the best memes on the internet.

Flying Dutchman

If you marry these two internet phenomenon and bring them in a new game, you get Flappy Flying Dutchman. The game is available for free on iOS currently and works exactly the way Flappy Birds did. The only difference really is that the bird has been replaced by the football star and instead of the pipes you have hung footballs. The game is set on a football pitch as you would expect. One of the newer features to the game is the ability to connect multiplayer and see who of you go furthest in the race to the maximum points.

Just like Flappy Birds you have to make sure you avoid bumping into the obstacles and gain points when you do so. There is no word on whether the game would be making its way to Android anytime soon.

Download the game for free from the iOS Store here.

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