Flash the Google Edition ROM on your Rooted HTC One

The Google Edition of the HTC One went off for sale a couple of days ago. The move has so far been met with a lot of hot and cold reaction. While the developers in the community are absolutely over the top for having an option to be able to enjoy a native Google experience on a top end hardware, the general people certainly do not seem to be interested and would much rather pick the themed device for a little more money.

HTC One Google Edition

However, in what is one of the quickest developments, it is now possible to convert your skinned HTC One to the Google Edition of the HTC One where literally every single thing is working perfectly as on the stock devices. The developers on XDA found the system dump of the Google Edition of HTC One  and have gone on to compile that into a ROM that is flashable. The ROM is extremely stable and having just converted my HTC One to the Google Edition, I must admit the device is uber smooth.

If you have had an experience of flashing ROMs on devices before, this is pretty easy to carry out. You need to be on a rooted HTC One to perform the procedure and all the links as well as instructions can be found at the Development page at XDA here. Massive shout out to the developers of the ROM and the insane hardware they put in.


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