Flashlight Converts Your iPhone 4 into LED Torch

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you feel that u should have brought a torch along? Well I guess if you’re a phone user which supports flashlight then you don’t have to worry.

Here we would be covering only the flashlight application for the iphone 4.

It’s a basic application but definitely a must have for your device. Although it does not do much than triggering the LED flash on your device when turned on yet it might end up being a life saver.

With other options like S.O.S and strobe this application proves useful in many situations. Stuck in the middle of nowhere on an island or on a boat amidst the never-ending ocean with no signal on your phone you might want to use the left over battery to S.O.S and call for help!

It’s available for free at the app store which is apt because it does save you from the fear of the dark while walking down a lonely street. So if u haven’t downloaded this app please make sure you do it the next time you slide to unlock your phone.

Even though you could get the same brightness by taking the bar to full it and opening up Mail or Safari, Flashlight still ranks pretty high in user preferences for top iphone apps of all time.

It might also be useful for weekend small parties when the atmosphere is all gloomy and you want a trip to trance you surely would want to use strobe and feel the trip as you would feel in a disco, provided you have a great music system installed separately.

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