Flashlight Lets You Use iPhone 4 LED Flash As A Torch

There are times like we enter the cinema halls or walk into the dark room and need a light cause its pitch dark all of a sudden. Long gone by are the days when we would carry a handy torch to rescue us out of such situations. Today we have our awesome smart phones to show us the way. Quite literally if you ask me. So today we bring to you a simplified iPhone application, free obviously that would let you make way in the dark.

Flashlight is a free application from the developers Surpax Tech. It has an extremely easy to use and clear UI and you do not have too any things to play around with. You do have an option to use the strobe though which can be used at places like night party with family or an event when you want to draw attention towards yourself. The application is a very basic torch and that is exactly how it should be used an you should expect nothing fancy from it.

Here are the list of features of this application:

“- Brightest Flashlight available – Guaranteed!
– Convenient – Switch On/Off the light just like using a real flashlight
– Strobe/Blinking Mode supported – Blinking frequency adjustable
– Stunning graphics – This is the most beautiful flashlight you can get in hand!?”

This app would obviously only work if you have iPhone 4 or 4S with you. You can download this application too from the App store. Here is the link.

Via: Apple App Store

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