Flex 2 Allows you to Create your own Cydia Tweaks

Apple has always held great pride in controlling the entire user experience right from the software to hardware of its devices. Although this has resulted in great vertical integration and seamless experience it has been a bit of a menace when it comes to allowing the customizations that a user might want to do with his devices. To a very large extent, this problem has been sorted thanks to the jailbreaking community which has been extremely active.


However, what if you want to create a tweak yourself without having to fall upon the community. Flex 2 is the perfect Cydia tweak for you if you do not know how to code but would still like to create a new patch for your device. The tweak has literally unlimited applications and can virtually help you make a patch for any application you may want. From changing the size of default Siri window to changing the number of images you can send in an E-Mail Flex 2 allows you to do all that and much.

Not just this, the tweak has a very strong community behind it too, meaning there is a possibility that a patch has already been made for you before you even try the stweak out. Flex 2 is slightly expensive and available for $3.99 from Big Boss repo but definitely worth it.

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