Flipboard Coming Soon For Android?

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 seems not to be the only launch today on a rather eventful Thursday. The most popular reader, ie Flipboard might soon be readily available for Android devices. Flipboard is a famous RSS reader in a totally magazine like unique way for iOS devices. Over couple of months we have totally loved spending our time reading feed of our favorite sites on Flipboard, and it seems like the experience is just about to get broader.

The Galaxy S3 is launched with a unique and exclusive version of Flipboard which we are fairly sure would be on the Market very soon. Remmeber that Google has also launched its own RSS feed reader called Google Currents which not to mention did not do too well in the market. The Android version would also enable the users to add a Flipboard widget on their desktop unlike the iOS version. Here is an exclusive shot of Flipboard working on a GS3.

Are you excited about having Flipboard on Android? Do let us know in the comments below.

Via: BGR

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