Flipboard Day Dream Now Lets You View Flipboard Headlines While Charging Your Device

Flipboard is one of the most used application today be it on Android or iOS. Yet the open source nature of Android means that a lot more can be done with the application than say on iOS. And this seems to have come true yet again. The users of Android 4.2 which is the latest version of Jellybean can now sit and read the headlines of their Flipboard articles while their device rests while charging. This is indeed a good utility because so gar we were stuck up watching a clock or a bunch of pictures when our device would daydream or be in an inactive state while being docked. The only sad part is that this feature is exclusive to JellyBean 4.2 and not all devices. This is mainly due to the fact that one of the new features of JellyBean 4.2 was the day dream feature. It is not unfair to say that we look forward to seeing more and more applications taking advantage of this daydream feature, especially applications which coud update us score of cricket or football matches.


For those users who are on Android 4.2, here is how you activate this wonderful feature.

Step 1) Open the settings menu of the device by going into the apps.

Step 2) Go over to Display.

Step 3) And select the feature of ‘Daydream’

Step 4) Click on Flipboard there and configure the settings on the right side according to your needs.

Step 5) That’s done, connect your device to the charger and enjoy. Do make sure though that you have the latest version of Fllipboard.

So do let us know if this little new feature made your Jellybean device more resourceful in the section below, or tweet in to me at @techverarp.

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