Flipboard is a Must Have Application For Your ipad

The dawn of a new age, where the world is ruled by technology. Be it our new social networks or the amazing futuristic devices on which we can lay our hands by shelling out some money. To be more specific , with the all mighty ipad, our life changed, a new breed of devices came into existence,which we very fondly call the Tablets. It gave a new definition to browsing the net. Literally killed the ebook reader market and what not? We all are familiar with the advantages and the practical usage of tablets.

Coming to my next point, another development which changed the way we live is our very own, facebook and twitter,  which are called social networks but if we have a deeper look, they are much more than just networks, they are a part of life now, anything worth knowing is on Facebook and Twitter, be it a natural disaster or some prince’s royal wedding, everything. Now just imagine, what if, the above mentioned two twings, an amazing tablet (ipad in this case) and all your social network feeds amalgamate? Wont your life be much easier?  Less haphazard? What a treat it will be ,if you can access everything ,from your social feeds to technological reviews.

Flipboard is one such application for your ipad. What it does is very simple , it gives you the liberty to add sources of your choice inside it. What I mean is, in one simple interface, you can add, facebook,twitter,lifestyle sources ,news sources ,technological blogs,anything and everything. The best part is, all this comes in a magazine style format. You flip through pages ,and hence the name, Flipboard.

Imagine your facebook news feed in the form of a magazine? How cool is that?  To be honest, you will have to use it, to understand it and believe it. So take my advice and go ahead.

How to get it on your iPad

  1. Open app store on your ipad.
  2.  Search for Flipboard.
  3. Install it, it is free.

If you don’t have ipad and want to use Flipboard on your PC then you can try Google Fast Flip.

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