Flipboard Now Available For Everybody On Android Play Store

Flipboard is probably the most famous online reading application for handheld devices. We saw the application achieve great success when it was on just the iPhone and iPad. However, the Flipboard team decided to spread their wings a little more and it was launched as a Galaxy SIII exclusive app on Android. However, they had promised to deliver the social feed reader into a magazine format soon for everyone on Android, and it seems that the day is finally here.

Flipboard even though through XDA was available for everyone for sometime, but that had no support from the developers. Now the application can be downloaded right off the play store here. It is available for free and supports all the features that the application had on iOS. Also, if you already had a Flipboard account over on iOS you can log in with the same username and your feeds will be synced to your Android device. This we feel is definitely fantastic because if we had to configure entire feeds again then it would have taken a lot of time.

For all those who have never used Flipboard, it is a social networking reader that connects all your feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and various sites and display them in a very unique magazine like feature. With the launch of Flipboard on Android, one thing is pretty much confirmed that there would be not much enhancements coming to the Google Currents, which we felt had a lot of potential when it was launched for Android.

What are your views on Flipboard? Would you be downloading it for Android? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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