Flipboard Now Available For iPhone!

iPad is without a doubt the best reader out there for web based content. And one thing that is most famous for reading the web based content is Flipboard. It is a magazine like reader that makes reading wonderful, however, the only drawback was the fact it was available for just the iPad. But this drawback has finally been taken care of, as Flipboard is now available to download on iPhone too. The amazing RSS reader can be downloaded on your favorite smartphone the iPhone and also the iPod Touch.


Flipboard allows you to access the news from your Twitter feeds as well as Facebook. Now you can also create an account on Flipboard and easily access the content you wish for. The layout is very pretty and the application is very simple to use and configure, simply put, it is the best reader out there. Here is what is new to the lastest version of Flipboard:

“New iPhone edition puts the power of Flipboard in your pocket.

Cover Stories for iPhone, a selection of interesting articles and photos being shared with you right now. And it gets smarter every time you use it. (Coming soon to iPad.)

Speed. Flip through pages as you would through a printed magazine, all with the flick of a thumb.

Flipboard Accounts:
– Sign into your Flipboard from either iPhone or iPad and get instant access to all your favorite content.
– Check out All Timelines. Flip through a single feed containing all articles and all photos being shared across all your social networks”

If you have not checked out Flipboard so far, and are a compulsive reader and own an iPhone, take my word, you have missed out on an amazing aplication, and given the fact it is an absolutely free download, head over to the App Store to get it and enjoy flipping through the web pages like books.

Here is the link to the itunes store for the application.

(via: RedmondPie)

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