Flipkart Updates its Android App with Support for Android Wear

Flipkart has jumped the queue and become the very first E-Commerce website to bring Android Wear support through its official Android application. The application currently only has limited functionality such as displaying immediate order updates, or wish lists or price changes, and more features are expected to be added over the period of time. Given that Flipkart has started the trend of supporting Android Wear, we would expect other players such as Amazon, Snapdeal to follow the steps very soon.

Android Wear Support

To enjoy support for your Android Wear watch, you simply will need to update your Flipkart mobile application on Android to the latest version, available via Play Store and it would automatically sync with the Android Wear watch for you to get notifications. The update will make sure that the app works perfectly well both on square and round dial Android Wear watches and we had zero issues, with our LG G Watch.

Not just Android Wear support, the new Flipkart application has also added support for payment mode options, a cleaner newer interface, smarter search and more. Flipkart has also stated that the new application will come preinstalled on the wearable devices that are sold exclusively on Flipkart such as the Motorola Moto 360, Garmin and Martian etc.

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