Floating Music Widget Allows you to Control Music with a Floating Widget

Controlling music on your Android smartphone can be done using various methods. You can use the lockscreen controls, walk into the music app and manually change the songs around or even use your headphones if they have nav controls to change the soundtrack or other basic activities on your smartphone. But most of these require special attention, and not very intuitive especially if you are just browsing along on your phone.

Floating Music Widget

This is where floating music widget really comes in handy. The widget basically is invoked by a gesture that you can define on your device and in case you are in a full screen app and want to change the application, you can simply make the gesture and call the controls. The controls at the moment are fairly minimal and can play, rewind or fast forward the track. How we wish, you could turn shuffle on or off or even quickly call the equalizer.

The widget supports Android 4.1 and above. Though it is very much in Beta and there is a glitch where the play and pause buttons do not work exactly as defined always. You can change the position as well as the transparency of the widget. It does not support all the music players too yet, though most of the important ones are supported.

Download the Floating Music Widget application from here

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