Flud is a Wonderful RSS Reader For Android

Android tablets and phones have become the reading hubs for most of the readers. So it is imperative to have an application with the capabilities to make the reading a pleasure. The default Google reader interface is honestly speaking very basic and gets boring as the images are not displayed so we found the solution to our RSS reading in FLUD.

Flud is a free application available from the market place which suits your needs to read your favourite feeds on your Android smartphone. You can add RSS of your choice inside the application itself. Also if you already have a Google reader feed you can link your Google account to FLUD and it seamlessly integrates all your feeds to the phone.


The UI is wonderful and intuitive with a lot of pictures. The application works brilliantly and does what it is made for. You can also share your articles on Facebook or twitter from inside the application. Another feature is the ability to e-mail the articles from the application itself. The interface is not slow and loads up very fast as compared some of the other resident clients.

The application was awarded the best UI of the year 2010. So it really is an eye candy.

Download Flud.

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