Fokus is a Useful Chrome and Firefox Extension to Let you Focus on Reading on Webpage

There are times when we simply want to open a webpage and sit through and read. However, thanks to several distractions such as video snips, ads and other suggested links, concentrating on just the text that you wish to read becomes bit of a challenge and daunting. Apple has added a Reading mode on Safari which is pretty useful for reading just text.


However, if you are on Chrome and Firefox, then the alternate to that is Fokus. Fokus is a very simple extension that does nothing but highlight the text that you wish to read and dims out the rest of the text in the background so that you can actually concentrate on the text that you had intended to read in the first place. The extension is available for free from the respective stores and is one of the easiest to use.

Once you have the extension installed, all you need to do is highlight the text that you need to read. This will automatically dim the rest of the stuff in the background. The extension totally works fine on just about every website. However, the only issue with the extension is that you cannot set the brightness to anything other than what it is by default.

Download Fokus for Chrome here

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