Folder Size Tells You About Size of Each Folders in Computer

Windows 7 provides lots and lots of features to users but at some place it fails to provide the required information. Here I am talking about space usage by folders. You can always know the space consumed by any folder by going through its properties but it doesn’t allow you to see space consumed by it as it shows in case of individual files (Windows 7 shows file size next to the name of file).


The question is why we need to know about folder size? Sometimes we need to know the size of folder to know which folder is consuming more disk space. You can make a backup of the folder for the sake of housekeeping of your drive. Folder Size is affective tool for this purpose. It scans the disk and tells you how much space is used by which folder. It also displays disk space usage in interactive bar graph.

All you need to do is download and install this tool on your computer. Now run it. On top left, you have to select a drive you want to scan. For example in the screenshot given below, I scanned C: Drive of my computer. It takes some time to scan and shows the result on the interface.


On left pane, it displays all the folders of the disk. When you click on any folder, it displays all the sub-folders and the size of it on right pane. On right side, there is one more section that displays a colorful Bar Chart/Pie Chart of the sub-folders. You can increase the size of window of program to increase the size of bar graph.

On interface it also displays name, folder size, size percentage, files count inside the folder, sub-folder count, creation time, last modification time, last access time, etc. You can also scan any particular folder to save your time. Also it supports folder drag and drop.

This tool works well on Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/ME/2000/2003/98 operating system. It is absolutely free to download.

Download Folder Size.

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