Follow How your Favorite Team is doing at the FIFA World Cup using Google Now

Google Now is one of the best ways to glance the information that you may need. Starting from keeping a tab on the stock market performances of the companies you are interested in to getting the information on weather to traffic situations, Google Now has become an integral part of how we use Android, both on smartphones and desktops running Chrome.

Google Now- World Cup

The best thing about Google Now is the ability to evolve. As things go on happening, they are added to Google Now, unlike Siri where you usually have to wait for the next major update of the OS. Google Now recently added the ability to follow your favorite IPL cricket team by subscribing to them in the app, and now has swiftly added all the 32 teams that will be participating at the FIFA World Cup so you can catch the action live. To add a team, go to Google Now, click on the customize button, that is located at the bottom of the window, click on sports and add.

Just like with other premier league or spanish football teams, you simply have to search for the country and its sports team and then subscribe to the updates. You can catch the action live as the scores will be updated regularly of the games the teams are participating in. Google Now also gives you a glance at the group position as well as the schedule of when the team will play the next game. This information is obviously subjective to be shown only during the periods when the teams will be playing and will not be omnipresent.

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