Follow These 10 Awesome Blogs to Get All The Updates of WWDC 2011

We have been eagerly awaiting the start of WWDC 11 and looking forward to what Steve Jobs has up his sleeve to surprise us. Unfortunately a lot us would not be able to make it to the conference so where can you exactly follow all the action as it happens? Below is the list of few websites that would either be carrying live feeds of the conference or broadcasting live, make sure to check them out.

The opening keynote would be presented by Steve Jobs at 10 PST. It is still unknown though how long and what all would Steve talk about given he is still on a medical leave.WWDC-2011

The start timings around the world are:

Monday June 6
San Francisco: 10 AM
Mexico City: 12 Noon
Toronto: 1 PM
London: 6 PM
Paris: 7 PM
Dubai: 9 PM
Moscow: 9 PM
Mumbai: 10:30 PM
Bangkok: 12 Midnight

Tuesday June 7
Hong Kong: 1 AM
Beijing: 1 AM
Taipei: 1 AM
Seoul: 2 AM
Tokyo: 2 AM
Sydney: 3 AM

Here are the top technology websites and blogs providing live coverage of the keynote:

Make sure to check out our previous written article on WWDC to have an idea of what all may be on the cards.

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