Free Download Manager: Best Way to Download Files in Windows

One major problem every windows users face is while downloading large files their download get stuck or they need to download the file again from the start. Windows inbuilt download manager doesn’t hold the task properly. There are several download managers available in the market but most are them are not efficient and free. Free download manager is one of the the best download manager available for Windows OS. It comes with plenty of features. One most talkative feature is it downloads the same file from multiple mirror sites in parts to increase the download speed.

One other nice feature of this tool is its bittorrent support. It means it can download files using bittorrent protocol. You can easily add torrent files and download any video, audio, or other kind of files using bittorent protocol. Also you’ll get a nice torrent download speed in comparison to other torrent download managers.


It also supports flash videos which means you can easily download videos from sites like YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe etc. Also it comes with a video converter which can be used to convert the downloaded videos into other formats. You can preview audio/video files before the download completes (enhanced audio/video files support).

Along with download acceleration (improved downloading speed because it splits the files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously) it also supports resuming broken downloads (unlike windows inbuilt download manager you don’t need to download files again from starting if downloads interrupted in the middle). Other features are smart file management and powerful scheduler, adjusting traffic usage (adjust traffic usage for browsing the Internet and downloading files at the same time), simultaneous downloading from several mirror sites, multi language support and many more.

With so many features it is one of the most promising download manager in the market. The good ting is it is available free under GNU General Public License. This award winning software should be in the top in your Windows software download list.

Download Free Download Manager.

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