Free USB Guard Notifies You to Remove USB Drive Before Shutting Down

Always forget to remove your USB drive before shutting down? Sometimes this can cause problems to your external drive. Now you can always be sure to remove your drives before shutting down with Free USB Guard. This portable app once opened attaches itself to the startup and will block the shutdown or restart process if a USB drive is still running on your system.

usb guard

Free USB Guard requires no installation. Just extract it from the zip file it comes in and run it. The app then attaches itself to the startup menu. You can configure it to auto start whenever Windows starts. You can also be notified if an external HDD remains attached. Just open the menu and check the “monitor the presence of these drives” option. By checking this option, the app will continuously monitor the drive and will make sure that you don’t miss removing the drive safely before shutting down the system or restarting.

The best thing about this app is that it can be rigged to actually be on the USB drive so you will never lose it when you take it out or connect it to a friends computer. Just put it on the USB drive and run it every time you plug it in.

Download USB Guard.

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