Free Your Mouse from the Shackles Your Computer Screen with Unlimited Mouse

Unlimited Mouse is an app that removes the boundaries for the movement of your mouse when it reaches the vertical or horizontal edge of your computer screen. What this app does is when you move your mouse to any edge of your screen, instead of the cursor reaching to a blinding halt, it will turn up on the opposite side of the screen. So your mouse has no boundaries and can be moved freely around your screen.

unlock mouse

Unlimited Mouse is a simple portable application that has no customizable features or any adjustments that can be made. It is a simple and light weight tool that once run, attaches itself to the system tray menu and you can access the app directly from there. Right click on the mouse icon in the system tray and click on the Unlock Mouse option. Once this is done, you can move your mouse freely around your screen without any limits and if you move your mouse to the one edge of your screen, then it will turn up on the opposite edge of the screen. So the vertical and horizontal boundaries are removed when you unlock your mouse using this app. To bring the cursor movement to its original state, simply click the lock mouse option. This will bring the movement of the mouse to its original state and thus, the mouse will again be bound by the limitations of your computer screen.

Download Unlimited Mouse.

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