Front panel of the iPad Air 2 Leaked Online?

It is that time of the year almost where we start seeing leaks about the upcoming Apple refreshes during the year. Apple has predominantly become a second half company with most of the updates to their devices coming around the holiday season. Recently the timeline and product update map of Apple products for the calendar year 2014 was leaked out. It was clear from the timeline that there would be an update to the iPad Air this year, but the update is not expected to be anything major. The new iPad Air 2 is expected to bring Touch ID to iPad and a newer and more powerful A8 chip and apart from that, the rest of the things are expected to be the same.


A Dutch website, One More Thing has caught hold of the image which they claim to be of the front panel of the iPad Air 2. The image shows an integrated assembly of the display and display panel, a change that has been rumored to be in works for a while now for iPads as it is currently in use for iPhones. This move would most definitely make the display of the iPad a bit thinner and perhaps even make the next gen of iPads even lighter.


This could mean that the next iPad could have enough space for perhaps even a larger battery or maybe even NFC. From the outside though, the panel looks exactly the same as that of the iPad Air with very similar bezel size. It is certainly interesting to see whether this is the real deal, and if Apple would finally bring integrated display on board.

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