Front Row: Access Media In a Unique Way On Your Mac

Working on a mac is always worth getting a thrill out of. This is justified by  the various riveting applications available on Mac. Front Row is one such appealing application which makes the viewer access media on hard disk, iPhoto, iTunes etc using a remote control which works in synchronization with the infrared sensor in your mac. There is no need to get disheartened if your Mac does not have the infrared sensor as it can be operated through  the keyboard keys as well. Front Row provides a simplified interface designed to easy use with remote controls. Front Row can be opened from the dock directly and if you haven’t kept the icon there then open it from the applications.


Bored of keeping your laptop in lap to play movies, here is a more interesting way to enjoy movies keeping your mac at some distance. The movies on your hard disk, DVD, external devices can be accessed with the remote. Enjoy your movie with controls in your hand and fun flavored with pop corn.

TV Shows

If you are busy and cannot turn on TV to watch your favourite shows, here is an amazing alternative for you. As Front Row is another interface for iTunes libraries, you can watch your favourite TV shows on mac by downloading them from iTunes store and directly viewing them here. Front Row can utilize any codec installed in QuickTime, including DIVX XVD, and WMV. Front Row gives you the full information you require about any particular TV show in terms of time and date.


When you are done watching your TV show or movie and now you want to listen to your favourite song without going to music player, Front Row is indeed at your service. Go to music option and play any song you like from your playlist in iTunes. All the songs in iTunes playlist can be viewed in Front Row. And when you have remote in the hand it is an absolute delight to enjoy music and makes you forget about your music system.


If you want to play your favorite podcast on mac, Front Row is an awesome interface. You can download the podcasts from iTunes store and play them here. The iTunes Store puts thousands of free podcast at your fingertips. All you need to do is choose your favorite ones,  download and have fun.


You can access all the photographs that are there in the iPhoto library. The photos you share on social networking sites can also be seen in Front row. It shows the list in a very attractive way and gives an easy and user friendly interface to switch from one list to another. It shows photos in a very ordered manner like, edited photos, last imports, as per the album name etc. It is an interesting method to view photos with music background compared to the conventional way of viewing photos in iPhoto.


In the setting option you can view the name of your macbook and SW version. Besides that you can do the settings for screen saver whether you want to keep it on or off. Sound effects can also be changed as per your tastes.


In this option Front Row shows the source of your media e.g.. it can be hard disk, DVD, etc.

I hope you liked our attempt to give a full insight into Front Row and will be of your use. We would also be covering various other Mac applications on a regular basis so don’t forget to come back. Do leave a comment and we will surely get back to you.


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