Fruumo Download Manager is the Perfect Chrome Download Manager

There is no doubting the credentials and power of Google Chrome when it comes to being the best desktop browser irrespective of if you are rocking a Windows or a Macbook. With unlimited customizations and plugins available thanks to a very strong development support, Chrome has given the users an alternative to anything they might not like in the default setup. If you do not like a particular thing about Chrome, you can always change it.

Fruumo Download Manager

The story is no different when it comes to the Download manager on Chrome. For many, the default system is not adequate and hence they move to a third party download manager primarily to integrate things like resume-able downloads or scheduling downloads and these work well with pretty much any browser via a plugin. However, if you do not like having too many programes installed on your hard drive then Fruumo Download Manager is the perfect plugin for Chrome to help you manage your Downloads.

Fruumo Download Manager1

The plugin comes with various features such as Pausing, Resuming and Canceling the downloads, setting download filters, desktop notifications, multi download feature from the same page, image previews as well as search bar to search through your downloads. The UI of the plugin is really cool too and looks a notch or two better than the plain and minimalistic feel of Chrome.

You must check out the plugin from the Chrome Store here

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