Ftalk is a Facebook Chat Desktop Client

Facebook has definitely helped us build contacts with people we barely remembered existed in our lives and most of us spend hours surfing on this giant social networking site. In fact apart from constantly updating status and changing the profile pictures one thing that is most popular with Facebook is the ability to IM or chat.


However, most of us would agree that chat is probably one of the main shortcoming of Facebook and one feature that requires a lot of revamp. Few days ago we wrote a simple technique to get old Facebook chat window back. However, would it not be awesome to have a resident Facebook chat application running on your desktop?

Ftalk is an easy solution for all your problems. It is a desktop client and can be installed just like any software would on your computer and lets you stay easily connected with your friends. It’s got a fantastic UI and is far more stable to use as compared to probably the chat in built in Facebook. The installation is standard and really simple. You do not need any browser to run this application and one amazing feature is that you can update your status right from here. So, if you use Facebook to update status and chat, then this is a must have on your computer.

Its absolutely free and also has lots of funky emoticons for making the interface look good. You also get a notification when any new contact comes online. In a way it works perfectly like any chat client for your desktop. You can download Ftalk for absolutely free.

Download Ftalk.

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