Fujitsu Arrows ES IS12F Set To Launch On January 7th

It is rather surprising that just days before the CES 2012 kicks off, we are bringing to you news of a mobile launch that is not from CES. However, this remarkable phone by Fujitsu deserves to be told about. The Japanese company is all set to launch to launch the ES IS12F which has seriously unique specs and it is rather hard to ignore the potential that this smart phone with a difference has.

Measuring at a miserly 6.7mm thick, this is one of the thinnest smart phones we have come across. The catch is not the thinness but the fact that this phone is completely waterproof at that sort of thinness. So far all the phones which were claimed to be waterproof or made for rugged used had rough exteriors and generally lacked a good aesthetic quality and as a result did not attract the sort of audience it should have. Motorola Defy is one of such phones that immediately springs to the mind which did not do too well, and that is putting it mildly. However, the Arrows definitely looks pretty and from the specs sheet alone looks very very usable.

The phone sports a 4 inch diagonal Gorilla Glass display which is AMOLED. The rear shooter is 5 MP on board and the phone is powered by a 1.4 GHz processor. The phone is definitely in the mid to high range devices especially since it’s priced at a rather hefty 57,800 yen for an unlocked model. There seem to be no plan to launch this phone outside of Japan which is a bad news if you are living outside the country.

Arrows definitely is in line to recreate a brand new category of smart phones which has not delivered products like we had expected i.e. waterproof smart phones. What are your views on this attempt by Fujitsu? Would you like to see more waterproof phones? Do let us know.

(Via: Droidblog)

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