G+7: Google Plus Desktop Gadget For Windows

Google + has finally gained some momentum and things are starting to look up. If you are an avid Google+ user, then G+7 is a handy gadget for you. The gadget is light and easy to browse through. There are many options that the user is made available to that help ease the browsing experience in Google+.


The gadget comes in an installer and once installed, the gadget will appear on the right hand of the desktop screen. The user will be requested to login using his/her id and password. Then the user can browse through easily without having to open the browser. This gadget is easy to use and extremely light. It will not in any way slow down your browsing speed while you are using your browser.


The tool has a settings tab where you can log in or log out of Google+ whenever you wish to. The tool has the option of varying the update frequency of the posts on the wall. The user even has the option of increasing or decreasing the size of the undocked window of G+7. The sizes can be varied from 300×400 to 500×600 pixels.


If you are Google Plus fan then this is a must download tool for you.

Download G+7.

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