Galaxy Nexus users Create Online Petition for Android 4.4 Update

When Google announced that their two generation old flagship, Galaxy Nexus was not going to get update for Android 4.4, despite having a pretty reasonable hardware specs, it raised a lot of questions about the policy that any device which is 18 month old is beyond the capabilities of receiving the latest update from google. Galaxy Nexus has been one of the stalwarts in the commendable march to success that Android has seen and to see the device totally neglected was painful.

petition- google

To overcome this pain though, users of Galaxy Nexus are voicing their concern and a petition has been made online which is soon to be sent to the desk of Android Head, Sundar Pichai. The petition already has over 15,000 signatures. Hosted at, the petition pleads the Google supremos to reconsider their decision and provide the update to a phone that is barely two months old now.

So, if you are a Galaxy Nexus Nexus owner like us, go ahead and do sign the petition in the hope that something may just come out of it, and if not then perhaps be prepared to root and put a custom ROM, unless you are happy with the taste of JellyBeans and are allergic to Kitkats. You can find the petition hosted here

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