Galaxy SIII Already Rooted and Official Firmware Leaked

We recently told you that the Galaxy SIII has already racked up 9 million pre orders when the device has not even seen the light of the day. However, the news regarding this amazing device just doesn’t seem to stop. One of the most well known celebrity Android researchers Chainfire the man who bought us the concept of CF Root has claimed that he has already rooted the device. If this was not enough, then another of the elite developers has claimed to have extracted the original firmware from the Galaxy S III.

The firmware could be extremely important in the event if users wish to restore their devices to the official firmware. Here are the specific details of the firmware that is available from our friends at XDA Developers:

Base Firmware: I9300XXALE8 (4.0.4)
Region Europe
Carrier: Unbranded
Build Date: 13th May 2012
Modem: XXLE8
Change List: 554452

You can view the rooting instructions here and find the official firmware of Galaxy SIII here.

This is exactly where Android with its open source platforms outplays its counterpart in iOS. It takes ages for some of the hackers to jailbreak a new iPhone version whereas usually the root methods are already available for a device that has not been launched for the public at all. We can only speculate and await the sort of stuff developers would do when they get their hands on the SIII officially.

via: XDA

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