Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Specifications

So If you thought that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 was an update to its previous generation Galaxy Tab 7 which came out with Froyo, you were wrong and if you thought Samsung might roll out an Android Honeycomb update for the previous version of Galaxy Tab, you are wrong again. In fact Samsung has come up with another Galaxy tab which is the update to the previous generation 7” tablet. So now, there will be 4 Galaxy Tabs in the market 10.1, 8.9. 7.7 and 7 plus.

So what’s new in this version of Galaxy tab? Well, we can only find something new if we compare it with the older Galaxy tab 7 but if we compare it with its sibling out there in the market, there’s probably nothing new/different apart from a 7” screen size.

Samsung’s new Galaxy tab will feature a 1.2 GHz Dual core processor with a Gig of a RAM and it also has an HSPA+ radio. The screen won’t be a Super Amoled Plus so it should be a little cheaper than the Galaxy Tab 7.7, although the device will be running on Android Honeycomb 3.2 with Samsung’s very own icing on the UI aka Touch Wiz.

Basically, this could be termed as a cheaper version of Galaxy Tab 7.7 but its pretty disappointing as all Galaxy tabs offer you similar things apart from the screen sizes. They do the same stuff, run the same OS, same processor, same RAM. Whatever happened to the department of innovation in Samsung?  The device will be available in the end of October but there’s no word on the pricing yet.

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  1. Actually, the 7.7 sports a dual-core 1.4 ghz, whereas the 7+ has a dual-core 1.2. Additionally, the 10.1 and 8.9 use processors from NVidia (clocked at 1ghz, I believe), whereas these are using non-NVidia chips. The 7.7 has a higher resolution display as compared to the 7+, in addition to the AMOLED+ screen.

    • Technically speaking, there is no real difference between the 1.2 and 1.4, 1.4 might sound a bit fancy but you will not notice any major difference in performance and I think I mentioned about the 7+ not boasting a Super Amoled Plus display. Anyway, thanks for the correction.

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