GChat Pix Helps You To Send Photos Directly To Your Friends While Chatting On Gtalk

Google has never shied away from giving Gmail a good solid face life. There was a time when not too many people were attracted to Gmail and people would much rather use other Websites such as Yahoo or Msn or even rediff. But since then, Google has added so many wonderful resources to Gmail on the Web that it has literally become of the must have’s of the internet just like owning a Facebook ID. Gmail not only is free but also extremely quick and easy to manage which is more than half of what people require from their mailing clients. But that is not all, Gmail also offers In-Web ability to talk on IM with your friends.

When you go to check your mail, you can also simultaneously chat with your friend, that helps make the conversation easy and saves time for mailing too at times. But what if while chatting there is a real cool image that you wish to share with your friends? Other IM services such as Skype do allow for sharing of images but Gtalk in web so far does not have the feature. You can only share Youtube videos in line as of now. But there is an interesting pug in for Google Chrome called GChat Pix that lets you directly send images to your  friends whom you are chatting to without having to worry about mailing to him. All you have to do is drag the image from your desktop to the chat screen and it is attached to your message and sent away. A very convenient and neat way of sending images on Gtalk indeed.

You too can download the extension from here

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