Geekaphone is the Perfect Tool to Compare Smartphones

Android not only allows several options when it comes to customizing the phone, but also given that it is free, you actually have ample choice when it comes to picking up the manufacturers of your device. However, still picking a smartphone is a tricky thing. There are several sites like Blogtechnika which can advice you but ultimately every person who is willing to invest his hard earned money wants to weigh every possible pro and con of a device and compare it to just about every device in the category to get the best possible deal.


This is where Geekaphone is a wonderful tool. The site is still in Beta but it lets you compare 5 devices on the trot so you can exactly see which one stands out for you. Not five though, you can compare either two, three or four devices. The comparisons are fantastically done with big fonts. The important differences such as clock speed of cores, screen size, PPI and the RAM are highlighted while the other important aspects are present too. Not just this, in case you find a problem you can report a correction too.

We are fairly sure there will be several new features added to the site, but for now, this is pretty much the best place we feel to compare devices and actually put them head to head.

You can check out Geekaphone here

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