Generate, Track and Manage QR Codes Easily With Orange QR

QRcode is becoming popular these days because it is a nice medium to promote your brand. Generating QR code is easy as there are several QR code generator available in market. But Orange QR goes a step beyond by providing additional data to your QR code. You can track and analyze your QR code with the help of this online tool.


Orange QR is a web application by which you can create more then 5 different types of QR Codes in use for promoting your business. You can generate QR codes for your website address, your Twitter and Facebook account, contacts or business card info and many more.

Generating QR code is easy, just click on the “Get Started Now” button present on a homepage. It will redirect you to the available plans. There are free and paid plans available for the service. You have to select your plan and then sign up for the service. After generating the bar code, you can download it in various formats like PNG, GIF, JPG and PDF format.

It provides you options like Social media analytics, search engine analytics, ad network analytics, email analytics, mobile dashboard and many other features. It also provides you data such as total number of scans, time spent and bounce rates.

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