Get a Detailed Information of your System with HWinfo32 Portable

There are many system information tools on the internet available today and the best part is that they are mostly free of cost. HWinfo32 is a popular app for viewing your system information in detail and they have now released a portable version. Since system information tool don’t really do anything and simple show the users, information about their system, it is best that they download portable versions of these apps.


Once installed, simply extract the files from the zip file it comes in and open the app. You will see a window where there are two options, namely “Run” and “Configure”. When you hit Configure, you can see a number of options that you can change while viewing your system information like scanning drives in safe mode, measurement of CPU clock from the Bus clock or using the HPET(whatever that means!!), checking of audio codecs etc. You can basically customize any part of the app before viewing the main window which displays your system information. The information is displayed in a detailed but simple manner which is easy to understand by anybody.

hwinfo main

Mostly, system information tools can be helpful in understanding when to upgrade parts on your system or which parts are running out of juice. HWinfo32 gives a detailed view of the hardware on your system to help you with that.

Download WHinfo32.

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