Get a Makeover For Your Images With Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is a website that allows users to edit their images so as they can share them online without thinking twice about it. The website offers a number of options to choose from to change the look of a person in the image. There is an downloadable installer version also available on a site which offers more choices for makeovers.


Perfect 365 basically offers 4 options that you can use to give makeovers to your images, namely, Natural, Lavender, Ocean Breeze and Honey. The changes observed to the images after applying the edits are quite stunning as they really do change the look of the person in the image. It is up to the user to decide which look suits best. But after trying these tools on many images, we have come to realize that makeovers are seriously meant for women, even when it comes to editing images.

The website also offers a downloadable application that you can run directly from your desktop and offers more number of makeover options to the user. Right now the website has an app available only for Windows. But come mid-November, they are looking to release apps for iPhones, iPads as well as the Mac.

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