Get all your Android Notifications on your Computer with PushBullet

Unless you like playing on your smartphone 24 x 7, chances are that you spend more time on your computer rather than your mobile device to get work done. However, it is a no brainer that it is your smartphone that connects you well to the outside world and keeps you in close contact with those who are far and away. So, would it not be sweet if all the stuff you use your smartphone for could be dealt on the computer without you having to glance across the miniscule screen?


Pushbullet comes to your rescue here. You can be sitting on your computer and receive all the important notifications from your Android phone. Not just this, you can also send across links, photos, addresses as well as lists to and fro your Android smartphone. You need to install the Chrome extension on your Chrome and make sure the sync is on with the same Gmail ID for the notifications to arrive.

The response time is pretty much instant without any delay. The setup is very simple and the app UI and UX get the job done without laying much focus on unnecessary things. Not just this, the application is very sweet on the memory of both your phone as well as Chrome and does not hog a lot of resources which is a very important factor in selecting an application.

Do check out the application in the video here:

You can download Pushbullet for Chrome from here and Android here.

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