Get all your Unanswered Questions at is a website that allows users to ask their own questions on the website so experts can give them advice regarding their queries. The site is mainly meant for product recommendations that people might have. You can ask questions like “ Which is the best wireless mouse for a media center PC?” or “Is OsX for Mac worth it?”

You can register to the website using your Facebook or Twitter account for free. You can even register using your email id.


There are different categories that the users can choose from to ask their questions. The categories range from Electronics or Automotive to Beauty & makeup or even Parenting.

There are many other websites dedicated to answering the queries of others like Quora, but provides more choices and narrows your choices down to make experience more easier. also has a leaderboard where you score points for getting votes on your suggestions, questions, comments and your reviews. The leaderboard shows who has got the highest number of votes. So if you like being on top, you might have fun trying to get to the top on’s leaderboard.

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