Get Android 3.0 Honeycomb Look and Feel on Any Android Phone With HoneyComb Launcher

Well despite some mixed reviews one thing that Honeycomb 3.0 has got going for itself is a terrific GUI which is absolutely beautifully done. In fact I have been trying to emulate the GUI on my Desire HD for a long time but it was all largely unsuccessful until I came across this wonderful launcher.

Albeit in the beta development stage but it’s a wonderfully made launcher. My love for Launcher Pro is well expressed but this launcher and seeing its capabilities I might jump up a level or two and say this comes very close to beating the Launcher Pro. So if you also have wanted the Honeycomb 3.0 GUI on your devices like me, here is your perfect pick!


Some of its cool features are:

Clones Android 3.0 Honeycomb as best as possible!

  • Extremely Fast & Smooth
  • Internal Themes
  • Wallpaper Chooser
  • Hide Notification bar
  • Extremely Fast & Smooth
  • Honeycomb Settings
  • Honeycomb Menu
  • Honeycomb Dock
  • Quick-Action Menu
  • Hide Labels
  • Tutorials and Help Supports
  • All Sources of Wallpapers
  • Supports Live Wallpapers
  • Scrollable Widgets
  • Re-Sizable Widgets
  • Nightly Updates


So what really were my impressions of this launcher?

Well the positive part was that they really have emulated the Honeycomb well, in fact seeing this is just the Beta version, and things are bound to get better. The support for both landscape and portrait position of your smartphone is another positive thing. There was an occasional lag and the screen id freeze a few times yet it was very workable. The settings and other features are easy to understand. Though not most highly customizable, it is a decent guess that there is a lot more to come from the developers of this wonderful Launcher. All and all, a very worthy application to have a tiny place in your Android Smartphone!

In order to download this application you have to visit the Android Market.

2 Responses

    • Please check if you have the default launcher on the device “set to default”. Also, once you have done, just press the home key, a window with the option to launch the launcher should pop up.

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