Get Do Not Disturb Like Feature for your Windows Phone Device

Apple introduced Do Not Disturb back in iOS 6 and since then it has become one of the most used features. It helps you to conveniently put the phone into silent mode where no notifications can trouble you. This is especially useful when you are in an official meeting or just spending some time with no intention of hearing the beeps of incoming notifications. You can set a particular time when you want DND to be turned on and also make some of your favorite contacts as exceptions to the rule.

Quiet Hourse

The same can now be done if you are a Windows Phone user using an application called Quiet Hours. Developed by Amaze Pictures, Quiet Hours is a pretty useful application that lets you add in Live tiles from where you can turn the buzz of all the incoming notifications off. If you are ready to buy the paid version of the application, you can also get a scheduler for the same. So, for example, you do not want to be disturbed from 12 AM to about 9 AM on a Sunday, you can input that.

However, as easy the application is to use, it does lack a few features such as the ability to make your favorite contacts exceptions to the rule of DND. It is pretty much a possibility that as the app picks up traction some of these new features could be added. Till then though, Quiet Hours remains to be a wonderful choice to put your Windows Phone in DND mode.

Download Quiet Hours for free here

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