Get Gmail Alert in Windows 7 Taskbar

There are many tools for Email alerts but what if you use the power of Windows 7 taskbar for getting Gmail alert. There is an application known as Gmail Notifier Plus that notifies you for every incoming mail by some default sound and it also displays number of unread mails in the taskbar. The real advantage of this tools comes when you use it with Windows 7 jump list feature. Right click the icon present on the taskbar and you can check for new mails, compose mails, go to your inbox etc. Also it shows latest mail content when you hover your mouse over it.

Download the zip file from Neowin forum.  Extract the 1.99 MB Gmail Notifier Plus.exe file from the zip folder. Double click on it to launch the application. On first run you have to add your email account. You can add multiple Gmail accounts and it works well for all. Set the sound notification, add time to check the mail ad hit the “OK” button.


Check your taskbar to know how much mail you’ve in your inbox. It doesn’t count more than 99 mails. So if your inbox has more than 100 mails then also it will display 99 in the taskbar icon.


Right click on it to get the preview of inbox mails subject and the tasks you want to perform. You can also pin the program to the taskbar by selecting the option.


This application is free to download and available for Windows 7 only.

Download Gmail Notifier Plus

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