Get Google News On Your Chrome Browser

Google news is a great site to get latest news all around the world. Visiting the news site many times a day takes most of your important time which you can consume in other productive work. While searching for Chrome extension I found many, but the extension made by HappyZhong365 come in handy.

Google News is extension for Chrome users by which you can get latest buzz all around the world by just a click on icon. Download and install this extension, and a small Google icon will appear on the extension bar. Click on the icon to get the latest buzz.


Apart from Google news, it comes with Google Fast Flip feature by which you can know about what top blogs are writing. Also it gives you facility to choose various categories.


Suppose you are interested in technology news then click on the More dropdown and select tech from the list. Similarly you can select other topics and the extension will display the results immediately.

This extension lacks some features but it is better than all the other extension present. One missing feature is “options panel”. It would be great if users get facility to select default category because selecting favorite category again and again is hassle (hope developer would add this feature in future update).

Overall the extension is nice and saves lots of time of users. I use it as a source of all the technology news and it perfectly done its job.

Download Google news extension for Chrome

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