Get Notified on your PC if you receive a new SMS on your Android Phone

If your job involves a lot of PC work, then chances are that you have your Android smartphone plugged into your PC so that it can juice itself up while you squash your eyes into the heartless world that lives inside the computer. However, in doing so, there are always chances they you may end up missing out on notifications on your smartphone. You may well be too involved in your work or maybe even did not realize that notification arrived. There are apps such as Push bullet that help in this situation, but what if you are an avid text sender and only want a notification of a text message without much information.


This is now possible thanks to an XDA developer who has developed a rather simple application. The application pushes a notification to your Windows run PC if you have your Android phone connected with USB Debugging on. You can easily turn USB debugging of your phone on by visiting the Developer Mode in your device. Once you do that, simply run the programme after installing it on your Android device. You do not need any sort of trot permissions etc for the app to run and that is the best thing.

The application uses ADB radio to push the notification and we found it to be a really neat way of sending alert across. What about you? Did you find the application useful? Let us know in the section below.

Via: XDA

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