Get Status Of Your Caps Lock, Num Lock And Disk Activity In System Tray Using Tray Status

Not so long ago typing was considered to be an expert profession. People who could type fast were thought to be a step ahead of everybody technologically. But today every desk has been laded with a desktop and every person owns a laptop and we type at the pace that could even put Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull to shame. However, as we go on typing faster, we make more errors and are prone to accidentally pressing keys which we do not intend to. Caps Lock and Num Lock are two keys which could be pressed accidentally and we would have little indication that what we are typing is going to pure waste unless we took a quick glance up at the screen or saw the LED indicator that most modern keyboards are equipped with today.

However, if neither of these were sufficient for you, then we have a solution that would continuously tell you the status of your keyboard as well as the disk activity on your system in your tools bar. This is indeed a handy add on, because the status bar of your computer only shows very limited amount of relevant information such as signal of the Wi-Fi, time and the battery if you are on a laptop. Obviously there is plenty of space there left over still to add in useful information, and Tray Status totally utilizes that space. The application adds a symbol for each key press such as sh for shift, A for caps lock, 1 for Num lock etc. which makes it pretty easily recognizable. By default only symbols for Num Lock and Caps Lock are enabled, these can obviously be changed and increased in the settings as per the user’s requirements. When the particular key is pressed, the indicator color turns green.

The application does not take much of your CPU power and does it’s job without interfering with anything else. It pretty much seamlessly integrates as if it came right out of the box with windows. To download Tray Status all you have to do is visit this link, download the application and install it like just another for Windows. It is simple yet an effective tool, and absolutely free.

Via: Addictivetips

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