Get The Latest Android Market App (v3.0.26) Before Official Update

We love applications. In fact, apps are probably the one thing that has made the Android platform the success that it truly has been. It is a hub of many many applications and as a result one place we love to go to get them is the market place.

A lot of you would remember that Google announced the launch of a new market place. However, you don’t have to wait anymore to get these awesome new features of the market place now cause here is how you can download the beta version of the new market place even before Google has launched it for your Android phone. The support for movie rentals and e-books is really good, plus with the whole new interface, market browsing is even more fun.


All you have to do in order to get the new market place on your device is go to this link :

Download the .apk file to your system, and transfer it to the Android smartphone. After you have done this, locate the file on your device using astro file manager or some similar file explorer and install the application. It would ask you for the permission to install and accept it. Give it some time to install and you will be ready with the new market place. You can go to the market place now and the new market place will open now.

My impression of the market place has been impressive. The UI is very intuitive and very neatly laid. The new categories like top grossing and featured are really helpful;l as it really helps you decide the best application for you. Dare I say the market place now has a more IOS feel to it, but it works brilliantly.

You can watch the new market place in action here before you wish to download it:

[via AddictiveTips].

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