Get The Most Out Of Your Mac With These Softwares

We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that now is probably a very good time to consider purchasing a Mac. The raw power in store with latest intel processors, super fast USB 3 and thunderbolt ports and a shiny new OS to boot make the most desirable series of computers all the more irresistible. And of course the new stunning retina display is dragging people to stores like never before.

But after you get over the part where you just can’t stop gazing and taking pride on the gorgeous and sleek looks of the device you need to start the work part.

If you are planning on watching some movies on your Mac then you need something more than the built in quick time software. Download Perian, a software which supports more than 30 music and movie formats. You can also go for the popular VLC or MPlayer OS X Players which are free and extremely user friendly too.

For better downloads get the one called Transmission, a torrent client available for Mac. It has a quality interface and is quite easy to use.

It’s rare to find software on windows that doesn’t have a Mac equivalent. But for those remote and rare ones you can install windows on your Mac via the built in boot camp software. You have to  restart if you want to switch. But if you are willing to cough up some cash then we would recommend the Parallels Desktop 7 which let you get the best of both. You can use windows while you’re still within the Mac OS X.

Browsers selection is something that comes down to personal liking and preference. You can get the Chrome, Opera or Firefox as a substitute to sometimes malfunctioning Safari.

If you have serious office works then it’s better if you get a pack of Microsoft office for Mac. It is a life saver.

For video and music editing get Handbrake. It let’s you convert digital files into different resolutions and formats and also has a string of presets for known devices. You can also get Audacity and Avidemux for audio and video editing respectively.

We hope the list helps you to make your Mac experience better. You can find some of these softwares either in the Application store or on the internet. We have purposely not attached links to the softwares to prevent any kind of piracy.

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