Get the new Windows 8 Metro UI on your system

Windows 8 is finally out. You can download the developers preview version here. Also if you don’t want to install Windows 8 on your computer and wants some of its coolest feature on your existing machine then also you can do so with the help of Newgen. Itis a tool that brings the Windows 8 UI on your desktop. Even though Microsoft has released a developer preview of their new version of Windows, you would be better off just using a facelift of your desktop rather than installing a fresh copy of the new and untested version of Windows that is bound to have some quirks.


The tool comes in an .exe file and once installed you can run the application and your desktop interface is enhanced. If you like the new interface you can set it to run at startup by going to the settings menu in the tool.

Newgen has a store option similar to Windows 8 where you can download and install new widgets or even remove them if you don’t like them.



Some really cool widgets are available in the store and the installation takes not more than a few seconds.


The settings panel in the UI is easy to use and extremely clear. Options are available for changing practically anything from Widgets to changing the feel of the interface.

An option called the Out Of Box Experience helps to improve the sensitivity and feel of the user interface.

The UI also has the option of playing your music, videos and pictures without opening them. It does all that automatically if you want it to.

So this is a fun tool to have if you like trying experimenting with your desktop.

Before downloading the tool make sure you have the following requirements met:

1. Windows 7 or Vista

2. Microsoft .net framework v4.0 (

3. Microsoft Zune (optional)

4. Access to internet (optional)

Download Newgen.

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