Get Windows 8 Explorer on Windows 7

Do you want to add something new to your Windows experience without having to go through the hassle of installing the new Windows 8? You can now get the Windows 8 explorer on Windows 7. The new explorer has won praise by many for its easy accessibility and use. Better Explorer is an application for Windows 7 that allows users to use the Windows 8 explorer on their operating system.

better explorer

There are many features that have been added to the new explorer compared to the Windows 7 one and many features that have been brought back from older explorers because of user demand, like the Up button which was a convenient feature in Windows XP but was removed from the Windows Vista and 7. Many more features like copying or moving have been simplified and can be done through one single window. Just like tabbed browsing on the internet, you can now browse through your Windows files in tabs so you don’t have a bunch of cluttered explorer windows on your desktop. They are all conveniently placed in one single window in the form of tabs that are easily accessible.

This app can be quite a nice substitute to your default explorer if you don’t want to download the Developer Preview of Windows 8.

Download Better Explorer.

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