Get your IP address from Google [Quick Tip]

Google provides practically anything you would want from the internet. Google has revolutionized the way we think. The phrase “Google it” has become so common these days that people use Google more than their brains!! Now you can even find out you system IP address from the Google search.

my ip

Just like a street address, the IP(Internet Protocol) address is a unique identity for your computer on the internet. When your computer sends a request, it tags the request with the IP address and sends back the request with using the tag of your IP address.If you quickly need to find out your IP address, Google can do that for you. Simply go to the Google search website, type “my ip”, or “what is my ip” or even simply ‘”ip” in the address bar and hit enter. Then on top of your search results you will see the IP address of your system. This is the fastest way to find out the IP address of your system. Google is known for its speed in finding data on the internet. But now, Google can also give you your IP address and there isn’t a quicker way to do it.

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