Gethired for WP7: Search jobs near you

Windows phone 7 is probably the best upcoming mobile Operating system, in fact is is one OS I love to use and really look forward to its development. However, one thing that drives the world today is service and jobs, so what happens if you own a windows phone 7 device and looking for a job on the go? Well, the solution to this problem is downloading gethired. Gethired is like a mobile classified, it lets you to search for job openings and opportunities at locations nearby to your current location. currently the application has a support of about 53 countries.


The working of this application is really simple and easy, all you have to do is let the server detect your location and enter the keyword, according to which the job would be searched. There is also an option to save your search so that you can come back to check the results or apply at more than one place when you wish to. The UI of the application is extremely easy and like most of the Windows phone 7 application it is very easy to navigate and wonderful to the eye. Using the application is also something that anybody can do, all you have to do is allow the application to access your location, enter the search term and press on enter to let Gethired do its magic.

Various results are opened and you can using arrows click on each of them and look at the specific jobs and various contact info, which you can later use in order to apply at the given location. There is also an option in the settings menu in case you do not want the application to use your location services, in that case though you would manually have to enter your location.

The application is available for absolutely free in the Windows Phone marketplace, but can also be externally downloaded from the web. Here is the link

So why wait? Go and grab the application, and make job searching, that much easier on your windows phone7. Did you use this application on your device? Do let us  know!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review on getHired. I am working on more features on the app and the new versions should be available soon. Yes! if you have a windows phone go check it out and rate the app.


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