Ghost Incognito Always Opens Particular Websites in Incognito Mode

We covered Incognito mode guide sometime back to explain all the features of it. Incognito mode in your Chrome browser helps you to secretly browser web pages. Sometimes users forget to switch to Incognito mode before opening these web pages. To avoid this, Ghost Incognito is an extension for Chrome which manages the websites that you would like opened in Incognito mode. So every time you open that particular website, Chrome will automatically open it in Incognito mode.

ghost incognito

Ghost Incognito is an extension for your Chrome browser that makes sure some domains open in Incognito mode on your browser. To set a webpage to always open in Incognito mode, simply open the webpage and click on the Ghost Incognito icon situated next to the address bar of your browser. This will save the website into the Ghost Incognito extension and the next time you open the webpage, it will automatically open in Incognito mode.

To disable a webpage from opening in Incognito mode, let the webpage open on your browser in Incognito mode and then click on the Ghost Incognito icon on your browser. This will remove the webpage from the extension so from next time, the webpage will open in the normal mode. To remove all domains from Ghost Incognito, go to options for the extension and click on “Remove all Domains”. This will remove any domains that you have saved in the extension and those webpages will no longer open in Incognito mode automatically.

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