Gionee E6 Quick Impressions

It is not often an OEM is open to inviting bloggers over and showing products they are extremely excited about launching in the market. However, with Gionee, a Chinese company looking to make big in Indian market the story was slightly different. They have been extremely supportive of the bloggers and have looked to give them all the first hand experience of the device as possible.

Gionee with HTC ONe

We were invited to spend some time with their new flagship device the Gionee E6 which is expected to go on sale next month in India for about Rs 22K. Now, before you make any perception of it being your typical Chinese product with cheap rip off, let us be very clear, it is anything but that. We spent about a couple of hors with the technical team of Gionee and their product in charge, and had a wonderful interaction about the phone and some of the myths surrounding the device and the Chinese market. By the looks of it, with Meizu all set to enter the market and the likes of Lenovo and Huawei doing well already, we might be on course a paradigm shift when it comes to our perception of devices emerging from China.

The Gionee E6 is a beautifully constructed device which feels like a solid block in your hand. With straight contours and a black polycarbonate back, the device feels good to hold and to look at. We got to spend some time with the white variant of the device too, and with a slightly glossy finish, we have to admit, we liked it more than the subtle black unit.

Gionee E6 vs HTC One

                                          Gionee E6 on the left with HTC One on Right


Spec wise, the Gionee E6 is no slouch either. Sporting a full 5 inch FHD display and a very capable 1.5 GHz Quad Core CPU and 2 GB RAM, the device performs very well. The 13 MP shooter at the rear and 8 MP shooter in front take capable shots. The device comes with an Android skin called Amigo, which looks to have taken loads of inspiration from MIUI ROM. This is not a bad thing as you basically have all your apps right on the screen, but it does limit the device to having no widgets. However, you can simply change the launcher and add widgets. There are themes and tons of customizations built into the phone.

GIonee E6

Not just this, Gionee are also planning to have a service in built, where the users can send their feedback and problems to the technical team, and as a result, those can be sorted without having to fiddle too much around. Gionee also promised us that updates would not be an issue on the phone and they are working already closely with Google to ensure they push updates fast. On asking them about possibility of a Google Edition, they did not confirm it, but did say that if the device does well, they would not mind a Google Edition of the phone. The phone will ship with Android version 4.2.2 to start with.

Gionee E6 Back

The phone feels solid and light in the hand and nothing like some of the cheap devices we have seen. the speakers are placed at the bottom chin, so the sound out was really good. The device is just 7.7 mm thick and with 2020 mAh Battery, you know it would be no issue carrying this around. We would have liked a bit more battery though. The screen looked a little blueish to our eyes but we were told that we are looking at pre-production units so hopefully that would be sorted. The volume rockers and the SIM tray are metallic and that added to the beauty of the phone overall.

Overall, we were impressed with the sort of work Gionee is putting in and appreciated all our questions and patiently answered them. We would like to thank them for this wonderful opportunity and really look forward to welcoming the E6 to what is already a very competitive mobile market.

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